Hinged System

Adaptable, efficient and inexpensive style of secondary glazing that can be manoeuvred. This system allows slender sightlines with full and easy access to the outer windows or doors. The tight seal with minimal dust ledges, these style of windows are often preferred for consumers that want easy access to the original windows.

It should be noted that this style of hinged windows open inwards towards the room. Our fitter will assess the style of your windows so it does not interfere with any obstructions such as blinds and curtains or inner opening doors and external windows.

Made with premium grade aluminium, powder coated with your choice of colour with frames that can be customised to a different colour or finish to match your surrounding décor.

This style of window is available in two different systems:

Residential slim line system: Designed for period windows. The aluminium outline is very slim, making sure the secondary glazing blends in perfectly with the outer windows. If the problem at hand is thermal insulation or sound reduction, this system can house a glass up to 6.4mm thick that can reduce noise by a minimum of 70%.

Commercial hinged system: where a slim line is not feasible for the surroundings, our heavy duty system offers an alternative where a much larger frame can be installed to hold a much thicker glass.


  Minimises draughts
  Increases the rating on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  Improves comfort
  Reduces energy bills
  Reduces air infiltration
  Reduce heat loss


  Creates a quieter environment
  Reduces sleep disturbance
  Meets noise planning constraints
  Aids increased concentration and productivity
  Protects hearing
  Keeps annoyance and stress levels low


  Blast mitigation
  Deters intruders
  Protection against firearms
  Preserves clean environments
   Second barrier to entry
  Removes the need for unsightly grilles
  Maintains a normalised environment
  Provides a delay mechanism

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