Lift Outs

Secondary Glazing London provide and replacement to screw fixed units, our lift out windows have a detachable glass panel that can be effortlessly raised out of the master frame to allow easy access to the external windows.

These style of windows are often used on external windows that are hardly used or in offices where cleaning between the windows needs to be facilitated.

For bay windows, lift out is the most popular choice. Most individuals only ever use the middle window in a bay for ventilation, we suggest mirroring the middle window with a secondary window, but having lift out windows for the smaller, side windows. This keeps the overall style balanced and keeps the cost down as well. Lift out windows are the easiest to operate by lifting the light weight glass panel by using the lift bar at the bottom to detach from the master frame for swing inwards or remove it completely.


  Minimises draughts
  Increases the rating on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  Improves comfort
  Reduces energy bills
  Reduces air infiltration
  Reduce heat loss


  Creates a quieter environment
  Reduces sleep disturbance
  Meets noise planning constraints
  Aids increased concentration and productivity
  Protects hearing
  Keeps annoyance and stress levels low


  Blast mitigation
  Deters intruders
  Protection against firearms
  Preserves clean environments
   Second barrier to entry
  Removes the need for unsightly grilles
  Maintains a normalised environment
  Provides a delay mechanism

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