Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

Here at Secondary Glazing London, we are experts in dealing with many different types of listed and or old buildings. The main issue that needs to be addressed with old buildings are their thermal inefficiencies, draughts and poor acoustic performance, all of which can be easily fixed with secondary glazing.

In most cases, secondary glazing is fully accepted by planning authorities as it is reversible. Secondary Glazing London carefully install the necessary windows to leave the original main frame unaltered, leaving it with the original beauty with the added bonuses of modern technology.

Any alteration that affects the buildings character requires consent from local governing bodies to avoid any criminal affect. If the building is in a conservation area or is governed by an authority, the correct advise should be sought before carrying out any work.

Conservation Areas

When a property is located within a designated Conservation Area then Conservation Area planning permission might need to be obtained before secondary glazing is installed.

Although the regulations allow for the use of any suitable material (e.g. wood, metal or upvc), in practical terms this is not the case. The considerations here are aesthetic and most modern materials cannot comply with the requirements to match as exactly as possible the dimensions, features and decorative mouldings etc. of the original. You may not need to replace ‘like with like’ where the windows cannot be seen from a public thoroughfare, but you will need to discuss this with your local authority before submitting your application. Your local authority will usually be able to send you a design guide for your area as well as giving you the appropriate form for making your application.

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