We deal with all sorts of projects within residential properties:

  • Listed buildings or buildings within conservation areas. These houses are protected by the government, but due to age can be very cold and draughty, also letting in an enormous amount of environmental noise and dirt. These projects need special attention from certain key members of our staff. We can help with the process of planning permission and if needed, converse with the allocated planning officer if certain areas need to be addressed.
  • New builds where noise reduction is key for a healthy living environment. These buildings will always have brand new double glazing, but double glazing is not sufficient for a good level of noise reduction.
  • Unprotected, older properties where clients do not want to replace existing windows, but need good levels of noise reduction and or thermal insulation.
  • Properties that can do with an extra form of security.
  • Properties suffering from condensation in cooler months and would like to improve this issue.

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